Annual Meeting

  • Purpose: To organize the Annual Meeting and provide continuing education opportunities to the members of ASCLS and other laboratory professionals through the state of Iowa.
  • Chair: Lindsey Davenport-Landry



  • Purpose: The Bylaws Committee to maintain current and up-dated Bylaws consistent with ASCLS Bylaws.
  • Chair: Mick Williams


  • Purpose: To be fiscally responsible with membership finances by creating annual budget and evaluation of financial documents to ensure accuracy.
  • Chair: Janice Frerichs

Government Affairs (GAC) and Political Action (PAC)

  • Purpose: The Government Affairs (GAC) and Political Action (PAC) Committee strives to keep informed of and disseminate regulatory information impacting on the profession of Clinical Laboratory Science to the Society’s members.
  • Chair: Theresa Freuhling
  • Co-Chair: Doug Davis


  • Purpose: Responsible for the collection, preservation, indexing and display of material and items of historical value to the society.
  • Chair: Yvonne Hinrichsen

Leadership Development

  • Purpose: The Leadership Development Committee cultivates members to encourage those individuals who have indicated a talent and interest in serving in a leadership position.
  • Chair: Sheila Dunn & Rebecca Dill-Devor

Member Services (MSC)

  • Purpose: Responsible for the retention of present members, reactivation of lapsed members, and other member services.
  • Chair:  Lindsey Davenport-Landry

New Professionals and New Members

  • Purpose: The New Professionals and New Members Committee provides a forum where young professional leaders and new members can clarify the needs and wants of the newest generation within our profession, and communicate them to the Board of Directors for consideration and implementation to meet those needs and wants whenever possible.
  • Chair: Sarah Beerends

Nominations and Awards

  • Purpose: To nominate members to stand for election to the ASCLS-IA board. To reward and recognize members for their leadership and service to ASCLS-IA and to the laboratory profession.
  • Chair: Janice Frerichs

P.A.C.E. Coordinator

  • Purpose: P.A.C.E.® is an administrative system serving as the quality assurance mechanism for continuing education programs offered to clinical laboratory professionals. P.A.C.E.® Committee maintains the standards of P.A.C.E.® approval for education programs sponsored and/or offered by ASCLS-IA.
  • Chair: Kim Von Ahsen

Promotion of the Profession (PPC)

  • Purpose: To promote the profession throughout the state of Iowa
  • Chair: Tara Sorensen

Subcommittee – Career Recruitment

  • Purpose: To continue to promote careers in the Medical Laboratory Science profession to all levels of students.
  • Chair: Judy Jackson

Subcommittee – Professional and Public Relations

  • Purpose: Serves to promote both the profession and society through appropriate media outlets.
  • Chair: Yvonne Hinrichsen


  • Purpose: To publish the newsletter NewsScope quarterly to inform membership of ASCLS-IA accomplishment and activities.
  • Editor: Kearstyn Wacke and Judy Jackson


  • Purpose: Review scholarship applications and award scholarships based on academics, essay and personal recommendations to students at Iowa MLS/MLT programs.
  • Chair: Sarah Beerends


  • Purpose: To maintain the ASCLS-IA website and other current technology social networking/communication applications. The website serves as an essential means of communication information to potential, new, and existing members about the activities of ASCLS-IA.
  • Chair: Kim Von Ahsen

Updated April 16, 2016

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